Kepak Branded Microwave

Kepak Branded Microwave

Branded microwaves help you to compete with high-street foodservice outlets, and cater for those looking for hot food on-the-go.

To maximise sales, the microwave should be sited near to the front-of-store chiller or adjacent to other drinks/food-to-go facilities, as these both signpost to shoppers a dedicated food-to-go area in-store.

Investing in a Rustlers microwave has proven to boost micro-snacking sales by +210%.

Benefits of the Rustlers microwave vs. a domestic microwave:

  • It is a 1000w commercial microwave oven
  • As a commercial microwave, it has a longer life span than a domestic microwave
  • It cooks products much faster and more consistently vs. a standard domestic microwave
  • The microwave is fully branded with Rustlers, providing excellent visibility in-store. It also highlights the step-by-step process that shoppers should follow to use the microwave, meaning it is easy to use
  • It is pre-programmed with Rustlers ensuring products are cooked correctly
  • It has interchangeable inserts allowing for stock flexibility

Jazz Singh, Morley News, Food and Wine sited a microwave in store and has seen his sales increase from 5 cases a week to 14 cases a week.

“The microwave has allowed me to increase my food to go sales without the high waste and labour costs I often associated with hot food.”

It took Jazz ONLY 6 weeks to pay back the cost of his microwave.

To invest in a Rustlers microwave today contact Kepak on 01772 688300 or at microwaves@kepak.com


What are the dimensions?

The microwave only dimensions for reference are:

Width: 520mm
Depth: 406mm
Height: 309mm

What do you get with it?

Kepak provide free POS and Rustlers Super 6 shelf trays to help you maximise sales. The POS items included are:

• 1x microwave A4 poster
• 1x microwave shelf barker, both to drive awareness of the heat up offering at fixture
• 1x wobbler (generic)
• 1m x shelf stripping (generic), both to drive visibility of Rustlers on-shelf
• 1x ‘Caution Hot’ tent card
• 1x Microwave Guide; to assist in the programming of additional products
• Spare inserts for the microwave pouch, including; Hot Dog, Chicken & Pesto and blank inserts for retailers looking to offer a cross-category solution

Click here to download and print your own POS

Shelf Barker

Shelf Barker


Heat in Store A4 Poster



Is delivery included?

Yes delivery is included within the price.

How long does it take to arrive?

From payment received, the microwave will be delivered within 2 working days. However, delivery can be arranged for any date that suits you and your store. Please let us know when speaking on the phone if you would prefer the microwave to be delivered on a specific day and this will be arranged for you.

Do we accept Credit Cards?

Yes we can take both credit and debit cards, however there is a small 3% fee for all American Express cards.