Consumer Feedback

We have some very loyal consumers who love our products! Take a look at some of the latest comments on social networking sites…


RustlersVarious comments and tweets from consumers posted to the Rustlers Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“You guys should open up a fast food restaurant, it would smash MacDonalds or Burger King with ease”

“Rustlers are the best thing invented like ever!”

“You should definately sell the sauce that comes with the Quarter Pounder on its own, it is so good.”

“Rustlers… are Burger Gods”

“Hangover cure rustlers burgers ow ow yes it’s true it’s damn true ow”

“Rustler sauce is amazing… can you buy it in bottles?”

“Rustlers are the best thing ever !!!!!! like Chuck ‘i’m hard’ Norris bows down to them !!!!”

“They just have to be one of the best Microwave food ever”

“Just had myself a Rustlers “The Big One” Absolutely heavenly… Rustlers are truely the snack of the gods!”