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Time for Rustlers to heat up your chilled sales

Rustler Stats

Source: *Nielsen Answers Micro-Snacking Module, Total Market, 52 w/e 19th May 2018, ^HIM CTP 2018, **Kantar WPO: 52 w/e 22nd April 2018.

To deliver merchandising excellence on-shelf and maximise your sales of chilled convenience, follow our easy four steps guide below.

1. Consumption Occasions

Understand your shoppers better by getting to know when they are consuming Micro-Snacking. With lunch the largest consumption occasion for Micro-Snacking accounting for 48% of all consumption, followed by Dinner (22%), Snack (17%), and Breakfast (13%)*3, ensure Micro-Snacking in your store is well stocked at peak purchasing times.

2. Location In-Store

To capitalise on these four key consumption occasions, location in-store is critical. Follow the guide below to understand where in your store Micro-Snacking should be merchandised.

3. Right Range

Stock the core range of best-sellers to deliver against key shopper needs, missions and occasions.

4. Excellent Execution

Bringing all of this insight together, we can provide tailored Food-To-Go and Chilled Ready Meal planograms to help you deliver merchandising excellence on-shelf and drive overall chilled convenience sales.

Full Bay Food-To-Go planogram

Drive the breakfast, lunch and snack occasions with a Food-To-Go planogram

Full Bay Food-To-Go Planogram

Four Shelf Chilled Ready Meals planogram

Drive the dinner and snack occasions with a Chilled Ready Meals planogram

Four Shelf Chilled Ready Meals Planogram

Our recommended planograms and merchandising principles have proven to increase overall sales of the Food-To-Go fixture by almost +59% and sales of the Chilled Ready Meals fixture by almost +50%*2.

For a tailored planogram suited to your store format and size, click here


With 75% of Micro-Snacking purchase decisions unplanned/semi-planned*3, increase visibility and improve shopper navigation by siting POS and shelf trays at fixture to drive impulse purchase.


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What our retailers say

Shaun Dhadday, Costcutter Walsall
Shaun Dhadday runs the Costcutter store at Fishley Lane, Walsall, with his wife Gurpreet.

He said re-merchandising his chilled convenience categories, including micro-snacks, ready meals, sandwiches and pies & pastries, has made a ‘real difference’. “Retailers are creatures of habit and are often reluctant to embrace change. But my advice is listen to the experts,” he said.

“By making relatively simple changes, such as merchandising chilled food-to-go products and ready meals on one bay, we’ve made it easier for our shoppers, reduced wastage and increased sales.

“The figures don’t lie. To increase overall sales by +39%* across the categories we re-merchandised, with every category seeing growth, has exceeded all my expectations.”

Harry PanjrathHarpreet Panjrath, Kwiksave Wolverhampton
Harpreet (Harry) Panjrath is in charge of the day-to-day management of the Kwiksave store,
Long Knowle Lane, Wolverhampton.

“By re-merchandising the chilled ready meals and food-to-go fixtures, including merchandising Rustlers single packs on the same bay as sandwiches and pies & pastries, we’ve not only made life easier for our customers, it’s easier for us to manage the fixture too.”

By following the Rustlers merchandising guidelines, sales of re-merchandised chilled food-to-go products increased by +59%* overall whilst the chilled ready meals fixture, including Rustlers Twinpacks, increased by +50%* overall. In addition, every category on both fixtures saw growth.

Source: * HIM CTP 2017, *2. Kepak Merchandising Excellence Project Q1+2 2018, *3. Kepak Shopper Research, July 2017. *Kepak Merchandising Excellence Project Q1+2 2018.