Convenience Store Shop Project

David Rimmer

David Rimmer

David Rimmer, Bilsborrow Village Store, Bilsborrow:

David worked with Kepak during a project with Convenience Store magazine. The project used an extensive amount of shopper and retailer research and involved:

  • Fact-finding site visits
  • Development of dedicated planograms for the whole chiller based on store layout and customer profile
  • Remerchandising of the chiller to block products that shoppers expect to see together, making it easier to shop
  • Introduction of eye-catching POS (including shelf edge strips, barkers and branded shelf trays) to improve the visibility and standout of the new micro-snacking fixture
  • Implementing ‘Heat it Here’ POS directing shoppers to the instore microwaves in both stores
  • An introduction to Rustlers Super 6

David said about the project:

“PMPs have proved really popular, especially the Rustlers Quarter Pounder which we’re selling 2 outers a week. We got off to a flying start, sales then dipped, but now they’ve picked up again.

“I’m really glad we got involved. I need to move the microwave closer to the (micro-snacking) products and then I’m sure we’ll see another uplift in sales.

“No surprise maybe, but sales are weather dependent; the colder it is, the more micro-snacking products we sell.

“The Kepak team was a pleasure to work with and made setting up the category fun and thought-provoking at the same time as adding extra interest within our business. We would welcome them again.”

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