Shaun Dhadday

Shaun Dhadday, Costcutter

Shaun Dhadday runs the Costcutter store at Fishley Lane, Walsall, with his wife Gurpreet. He said re-merchandising his chilled convenience categories, including micro-snacks, ready meals, sandwiches, pies and pastries, had made a real difference.

“Retailers are creatures of habit and are often reluctant to embrace change. But my advice is to listen to the experts,” he said.

“By making relatively simple changes, such as merchandising chilled food to go products and ready meals on one bay, we’ve made it easier for our shoppers, reduced wastage and increased sales.

“Rustlers showed they really understand chilled convenience. The planogram they created was easy to apply, logical to follow and the support we’ve received, including regular follow-up visits, has contributed to boosting sales.

To increase overall sales by +39%*1 across the categories we re-merchandised, with every category seeing growth, exceeded all my expectations.”

Chilled convenience products are helping Shaun to attract and retain customers, in the face of competition from an off-licence which is within walking distance.

“We’re also close to a housing estate and attract lots of passing trade, with people coming in to buy hot and cold food to go products,” adds Shaun.

“It’s always good to offer something new and Rustlers breakfast muffin is going down really well – and not just at the beginning of the day.”
Looking ahead, Shaun sees chilled food to go and ready meals playing an even more important role at his Costcutter store.

“There are no fast food outlets close by and my customers are cash rich. They buy on impulse and are looking for products that can be cooked quickly and conveniently. Having well-known products like Rustlers on shelf attracts people to the chiller,” he adds.

Installing a Rustlers microwave has helped to meet growing demand for chilled convenience products that can be enjoyed on the move.

“We’ve sited the microwave by the coffee machine and created a bit of a food to go area which is really starting to take off, creating another profit opportunity.”

*1 Sales monitored 9 weeks pre vs 9 weeks after new planogram implementation