Rav Garcha

Rav Garcha, Nisa

Award-winning retailer Rav Garcha knows what makes a shop tick. That’s why Kepak’s hot snacking products are a key part of his food to go fixture.

West Midlands-based Rav is well respected in the industry and regularly appears in leading trade media as an example of best practice convenience retailing.

He runs several convenience stores through which he sells a broad range of Kepak products, including market-leading Rustlers.

Rav says that awareness of Kepak products is high thanks to sustained marketing support, including TV advertising. He capitalises on this by effective use of Kepak branded microwaves and POS in-store.

Rav said: “Our product range differs in each store, because age groups influence what people buy. For example, if most of the customers are young, then Rustlers beef and chicken burgers sell really well.

“However, if it’s families we’re catering for, hot subs do really well. The bottom line is that we have to ensure that every option is covered, so that the customer is always satisfied, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hot snacking products cover all needs.

“Having a Rustlers branded microwave has helped massively. It means we can provide hot snacking products whatever the time of day, which means we sell more food to go items than if they are on a shelf and have to be taken home to be warmed up.

“The microwave also means we have reduced wastage, previously we would have to throw away hot food (from the hot counter) that had gone past its best and becomes unsaleable. Now shoppers heat up the food they want.

“Making good use of point of sale such as branded shelf trays and shelf strips also makes a difference in-store. It’s proven to attract customers and increase sales.

“The total Kepak experience is backed up by great communication and support from the company. It’s a recipe for success and I can’t recommend hot snacking highly enough.”