Harry Panjrath

Harry Panjrath, Kwiksave

Harpreet (Harry) Panjrath is in charge of the day-to-day management of the Kwiksave store, Long Knowle Lane, Wolverhampton.

Harry Panjrath

The store is situated on a busy main road and in addition to regulars from the local neighbourhood, Harry and his staff welcome a lot of passing trade, particularly people looking for easy to prepare lunch and evening meal solutions on the move.

We didn’t have a joined up approach before and we were merchandising products for very different occasions together. It must have been really confusing for our customers,”

comments Harry.

By re-merchandising the chilled ready meals and food to go fixtures, including merchandising Rustlers single packs on the same bay as sandwiches, pies and pastries, we’ve not only made life easier for our customers, it’s easier for us to manage the fixture too.”

Following the Rustlers planogram, sales of re-merchandised chilled food to go products increased by 59% overall and demand for chilled ready meals, including Rustlers twin packs, increased by an average of 50%*1.

“We’re not only pleased with how sales increased, we’ve really reduced our wastage levels which were causing us problems,” adds Harry.
With so much passing traffic, and regulars looking buying more chilled food to go and ready meals, Harry and his staff are placing more emphasis on the chiller.

“The timing of the Rustlers project couldn’t have been better,” he said. “It sounds obvious, but we now understand how important it is to have the right range and to merchandise products correctly.

It’s also helped us to improve how we meet demand across different eating occasions such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

*1 Sales monitored 9 weeks pre vs 9 weeks after new planogram implementation