Anthony Fletcher

Anthony Fletcher, Premier

As the hot snacking market continues to grow, Anthony Fletcher from Premier Convenience Store in Blackpool explains how he has worked with us to maximise opportunities within the ‘food to go’ category.

“The hot snacking category is really important to our store – from early in the morning right through to the evening when people are passing and just want something hot without the effort of cooking. Then of course there’s later on, when they come out of the pub!

“Four weeks after installing a Rustlers branded microwave where customers can heat their own snacks it had already paid for itself. It drives footfall and draws in a new type of customer who is looking for convenient hot food on the go.

Customers often comment that because the microwave is pre-programmed for each of the specific burgers, hot subs and Panini they are prepared exactly as they should be and taste even better.

“The microwave is in a prominent position at the front of the store, along with a coffee machine and pie warmer, allowing customers to see straight away that we have hot food and drink available. We utilise Rustlers eye-catching ‘Heat it up here’ POS and branded shelf trays to draw consumers’ attention to the chiller and microwave areas. The shelf trays also help draw our attention to the fixture when stocks are running low.

“I think the hot snacking category will continue to grow considerably in the future, and that branded microwaves can play an important role in that growth by helping retailers to compete with high-street foodservice outlets.”