Shaun Dhadday, Costcutter

Shaun Dhadday runs the Costcutter store at Fishley Lane, Walsall, with his wife Gurpreet. He said re-merchandising his chilled convenience categories, including micro-snacks, ready meals, sandwiches, pies and pastries, had made a real difference

“Retailers are creatures of habit and are often reluctant to embrace change. But my advice is to listen to the experts,” he said.

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Harry Panjrath, Kwiksave

Harpreet (Harry) Panjrath is in charge of the day-to-day management of the Kwiksave store, Long Knowle Lane, Wolverhampton.

The store is situated on a busy main road and in addition to regulars from the local neighbourhood, Harry and his staff welcome a lot of passing trade, particularly people looking for easy to prepare lunch and evening meal solutions on the move.

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Paul Cheema, Malcolm’s Stores

Sales of hot food to go products such as market-leading Rustlers are on the up at Malcom’s Costcutter at Tile Hill, Coventry.

Since the store was acquired by Malcolm’s Stores Ltd in November 2013, its food to go category has gone from strength to strength, with a significant rise in sales for hot food to go since the forecourt convenience store introduced a Kepak branded microwave and chiller unit in February 2014.

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Penny Petroleum

Sales of microwaveable products including Rustlers are motoring at 20 company-owned forecourts operated by Penny Petroleum since the group introduced Kepak-branded microwaves to most of the sites.

In the three months after the microwaves were installed, sales of Rustlers three best-selling lines – the Quarter Pounder, Chicken Sandwich and BBQ Rib – trebled, and average sales of microwaveable snacks across the 20 sites increased by more than 70%.

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Rav Garcha, Nisa

Award-winning retailer Rav Garcha knows what makes a shop tick. That’s why Kepak’s hot snacking products are a key part of his food to go fixture.

West Midlands-based Rav is well respected in the industry and regularly appears in leading trade media as an example of best practice convenience retailing.

He runs several convenience stores through which he sells a broad range of Kepak products, including market-leading Rustlers.

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Rajan Vaish, Nisa

Rajan Vaish took part in a pioneering project to re-define chilled savoury snacking products including pies, pasties, soups and hot snacking lines as ‘Quick and Tasty Snacks and Meals’.

He followed advice on which products to stock and how to merchandise them, taking into account store location, shopper profile etc.

Rajan benefited from an immediate sales uplift, boosted by new merchandising, eye-catching point of sale and branded shelf trays to attract consumers’ attention.

Anthony Fletcher, Premier

As the hot snacking market continues to grow, Anthony Fletcher from Premier Convenience Store in Blackpool explains how he has worked with us to maximise opportunities within the ‘food to go’ category.

“The hot snacking category is really important to our store – from early in the morning right through to the evening when people are passing and just want something hot without the effort of cooking. Then of course there’s later on, when they come out of the pub!

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Sunder Sandher, Londis

Londis retailer Sunder Sandher has installed a Heat and Eat unit in his store, which is close to Oxford University.

He said: “It has boosted sales of the eight Rustlers hot snacking SKUs I sell by more than 30%. The key is to site the microwave and stand as close as you can to the chiller cabinet, so people realise they can cook products in store. The unit is compact and easy to manage, with pre-set cooking times which make life easy for customers. I would recommend a Rustlers microwave to any retailer selling chilled food to go products and, for many outlets, the microwave and stand is definitely worth considering.”