Modern Slavery Legislation: Statement

KCF in Kirkham fully support the Modern Slavery legislation and have rolled out a robust action plan during 2017. A Modern Slavery Project Group formulated with representatives from Technical, Supply Chain, Engineering and Production and HR has reviewed all relevant business processes to ensure compliance with the Modern Slavery Legislation.

The group continues to meet on a quarterly basis and is led and sponsored by the Finance Director.

The following measures are now in place:

Supply Chain

VACCP Protocols have been extended to cover aspects of Modern Slavery Act to evaluate risk within the Supply Chain showing risk ratings against:
a. Country risks
b. Sector risks
c. Transaction risks
d. Business partnerships

This will be reviewed annually.


All suppliers of Goods and Services have been individually assessed in terms of their compliance to the Modern Slavery Act. Suppliers who respond with non-compliance are reviewed by appropriate members of the Group and decisions made about future use by the business of the Supplier / Contractor.


A number of People measures have been implemented including:

• A modern slavery policy has been written and people measures identified.
• Notices are displayed around the site in all spoken languages in order to raise awareness of this issue and emergency contact numbers are provided for assistance to all staff.
• Various internal Payroll checks are undertaken monthly.
• Recruitment procedures have been reviewed.
• All Managers, Supervisors and Line Leaders have been asked to watch a short video from Stronger Together in order to further raise awareness of Modern Slavery.

Further People plans for 2018 include:

Additional training to be provided to all Recruiters / Managers involved in Recruitment.

Next Steps:

The Project Team will continue to meet quarterly during 2018.

BRC Factory Audit

Following a routine audit at our Kirkham factory, we are have been awarded AA Grade against the BRC standard (British Retail Consortium) and 99.5% pass rate against the IFS (International Food Standard). The auditor has over 12 years’ experience in the industry and we’re very proud to say that in his opinion our factory is in the top 1% of all the factories he has audited worldwide!

Save and Sustain Awards

KCF were shortlisted for the 2017 ASDA Save and Sustain Awards. We’ve been recognised for reducing the thickness of our plastic packaging and reducing waste by 260 tonnes per annum. Other benefits of the project include a reduction in CO2 emissions by HGV, a substantial reduction in production changeovers, improving productivity rates, and 1500 less internal pallet movements per annum.